Date Sat 09 Jul 22
Site Combe Gibbet
Organising Club UK Armed Forces
Briefing Time 10:00
Parking Location february.booth.fabricate
Briefing Location pebbles.hamsters.biggest
Takeoff Location Included.success.overdrive
Site Guide Link Site Guide
Status Complete
Minimum Distance 5 km
Land By Time 20:00
Check-in By Time 21:00
Max Teams in Round 8
Teams in Round 7
Pilots in Round 33

Club Team Captain Score
Southern Hang Gliding Club Southern Skivers Howard Rhind 1000
Dunstable HPC Dunstable Buzzards Nick Clarke 822
Thames Valley Hang Gliding Club TVHGC 1 Sue Britnell 743
Thames Valley Hang Gliding Club TVHGC 2 Gary Williams 637
Sky Surfing Club Skysurfers Expendables Chris Drabble 445
UK Armed Forces UKAF North Matthew Tandy 426
Dover & Folkestone Hang Gliding Club DAFT Joe Reid 146
Pilot Km Wing Factor Rating Score
Andrew Cullen 50.20 0.9 (EN B) Pilot 45.18
Stephen Gray 17.10 0.9 (EN B) Club Pilot 15.39
Mukund Muralikrishnan 15.90 0.9 (EN B) Pilot 14.3
Richard Lever 13.50 0.9 (EN B) Club Pilot 12.14
Pilot Km Wing Factor Rating Score
Steve Wagner 30.60 0.8 (EN C) Advanced Pilot 22.03
Nick Clarke 23.20 0.9 (EN B) Pilot 20.88
Wayne Collins 23.00 0.9 (EN B) Pilot 20.69
Stephen Pendrigh 8.80 0.9 (EN B) Club Pilot 7.92
Pilot Km Wing Factor Rating Score
Tom Zinovieff 36.00 0.9 (EN B) Club Pilot 32.39
Bruce Moore 26.10 0.8 (EN C) Pilot 20.88
Iwan Wrigley 11.40 1 (EN A) Club Pilot 11.39
Pilot Km Wing Factor Rating Score
Serle Shuman 38.20 0.8 (EN C) Pilot 30.56
Andrew Craig 24.90 1 (EN A) Pilot 24.89
Pilot Km Wing Factor Rating Score
Justin Simmonds 48.50 0.8 (EN C) Pilot 38.79
Pilot Km Wing Factor Rating Score
Matthew Tandy 21.00 0.9 (EN B) Pilot 18.89
Dilbahadur Tamang 22.70 0.8 (EN C) Pilot 18.16
Pilot Km Wing Factor Rating Score
James Saunders 9.10 0.8 (EN C) Pilot 7.28
Mircea Mihai Balica 6.80 0.8 (EN C) Pilot 5.44

The day was organised by the highly experienced UKAF Team headed up by the tireless Matthew Tandy and hosted by your very own TVHGC on our very own site, Combe Gibbet. Seven teams incorporating 33 pilots arrived in time for the 10:00 briefing to find the weather far from the forecast - 100% cloud, cool, windy (16mph) and dark grey rain clouds off to the East. Unphased and optimistic for improvement later in the day, the main briefing, delivered by Matt, went ahead and Andrew Craig delivered a very comprehensive site briefing including tips about the local topography. Teams then gathered for the Captains briefings - more focused on safety and possible tactics for leaving the hill and getting kms under the wing. TVHGC, being the hosts, had 2 teams with 9 pilots - Sue Britnell, Mark Stow, Tom Zinovieff, Iwan Wrigley, Bruce Moore, Andrew Craig, Craig Nottage, Serle Shuman and myself. Experience ranged from not many hours to decades and the wings were many and varied from As to Cs. This clearly demonstrates that the BCC is a club based challenge event for pilots at all levels with the experienced encouraging the novices and everyone sharing their experiences before and after flying. The weather did improve with the sky breaking up into blue and white before midday and then going full blue mid-afternoon. With the visual improvement and slight lower wind speeds cam sharp punchy thermals making for some very spicy air with 3m/s plus climbs. Some pilots launched, climbed, went XC and had one flight in the day. Others had 2, 3 or even more flights - there is no limit during the flying window (up to 20:00 on the day). Flight distances also varied from short hops across the ridge to 30kms+. Distance counts for points but the experience gained, especially by LAT pilots, of flying in significant traffic, thermalling, flying in very active air through to going XC and having to choose your own landing field combined with the chance to meet and chat with like-minded people are the main reasons to get involved with the Advance BCC rounds. It was great to know that, once again, there were no reportable injuries on the day apart from possibly a couple of bruised egos. Another great BCC day in the sky. If you haven't entered a round yet, join the TVHGC BCC 2022 Telegram group and watch for the next round to be announced. While waiting for the next round you can get yourself set up on the Advance BCC shiny new website here ( The Ayvri file of the day's flights can be found here: