Date Sat 28 May 22
Site Lords Seat
Organising Club Derbyshire Soaring Club
Briefing Time 09:00
Parking Location narrowest.dormant.vans
Briefing Location
Takeoff Location summaries.issuer.skippers
Site Guide Link Site Guide
Status Complete
Minimum Distance 5 km
Land By Time 19:00
Check-in By Time 20:00
Max Teams in Round 6
Teams in Round 4
Pilots in Round 17

Club Team Captain Score
UK Armed Forces UKAF North Robert Mepham 750
Derbyshire Soaring Club DSC 2 Milton Turner 612
Derbyshire Soaring Club DSC 1 Ross Mason 300
Devon & Somerset Condors Condors Blue Simon Fouracre 0
Pilot Km Wing Factor Rating Score
Chris Breeds 26.60 0.8 (EN C) Pilot 21.28
Andrew Gaskell 18.30 0.8 (EN C) Pilot 14.63
Milton Turner 17.70 0.8 (EN C) Pilot 14.16
Piotr Pikulinski 17.30 0.8 (EN C) Pilot 13.83
Pilot Km Wing Factor Rating Score
Joshua Coombs-Hoar 37.40 0.9 (EN B) Pilot 33.65
Simon Sykes 12.00 0.8 (EN C) Pilot 9.6
Robert Mepham 12.90 0.8 (EN C) Advanced Pilot 9.28
Paul Snell 11.00 0.8 (EN C) Pilot 8.8
Pilot Km Wing Factor Rating Score
Ross Mason 14.30 0.9 (EN B) Pilot 12.86
Andy Hill 13.00 0.9 (EN B) Pilot 11.69

The first DSC hosted round in 2 years. While Hundred House pulled in the most players on this weekend, Lords seat saw two full teams from DSC, a UKAF and Avon team. Considering all anticipated a sucky sky, the air was relatively smooth with some nice climbs. Airspace was our biggest consideration but all concerned managed to avoid any infractions. Josh Coombs of the UKAF team got the greatest distance and DSC took overall. We look forward to hosting a Bradwell day soon! Ayvri Scene